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Spokane VFW Post 51 Search Page
Search Tips

Please use this search facility to search the entire contents of the Spokane VFW Post 51 website. This search facility is limited to only the VFW Post 51 website and is not a general search engine that will search the internet. With this in mind, you can search every web page that is on this website. You can also search any of the PDF files that are within this website.

All the VFW News editions, back until August 2002 which was the first issue in a format that could be searched, have been indexed for searching. The VFW Post 51 website is relatively small, so search results will likely return a large number of PDF listings due to the fact that there is much more content in the PDF files than in the website itself.

If you get a "hit" on something close that you are looking for in a PDF file, open up the file and use Adobe's search facility that is built into Adobe Reader to delve deeper into what you are searching for.

If you are looking for something specific and cannot find it, please e-mail the website administrator. We'll see if we can help you find what you want. Happy searching!

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