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Our Post newsletter, the Spokane VFW News was founded in July 1955 by Webmaster who was editor from 1955-2002. During this time, Web produced 564 issues of this monthly newsletter, capturing photos and stories of how Spokane VFW Post 51 played a role in the history of Spokane. There were several major issues that were created as our Post reached milestones in its 60-plus year history, such as the 10-year anniversary, 25-year anniversary, etc.

All of the newsletters that Webmaster produced while editor were in paper format. When Webmaster took over as editor in 2002, both paper and electronic formats were generated. Paper copies are still sent to each member every month, and the electronic copy of the same paper is put on the VFW Post 51 website for anyone to enjoy that has access to the internet.

Below are several milestone issues that were captured in the Spokane VFW News in recent years. They contain many pictures and historical features that are only found in the papers themselves. Feel free to download and read.

This special issue (right) of the Spokane VFW News was created in April 2006 for the 60th Anniversary of Spokane VFW Post 51. Each decade of the Post is highlighted with chronological events as well as pictures from many of the old Spokane VFW News issues.
Read it here: (2.14 MB - 24 pages)
xxth Anniversary of VFW Post 51 - VFW News April 2006
xxth Anniversary of VFW Post 51 - VFW News June 1996

This special issue (left) of the Spokane VFW News, our Post monthly newsletter, was created in June 1996 by the newsletter founder Don Peasley. It celebrates the Post's 50th Anniversary since the Post was chartered on March 4, 1946. Of all the issues of the Spokane VFW Newscreated by Webmaster, this is probably the best and most comprehensive issue that was produced. The pictures, quotes from members, and historical information are quite extensive in this issue.
Read it here: (6.86 MB - 44 pages)
This special issue (right) of the Spokane VFW News, our Post monthly newsletter, was created in July 2005 by the current editor, Webmaster. It was created to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Spokane VFW News as this was the 600th issue. This 12-page issue delves into the history of the Spokane VFW News, the people behind the newsletter, as well as current events for the month it was published in. This issue took First Place in District (state) 2006 Post Publications Contest for the Medium Size Post Category (250-749 members).
Read it here: (1.90 MB - 12 pages)
50th Anniversary of VFW News - July 2005

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