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Patriot's Pen, a youth-essay writing contest endorsed by the National Association of Secondary School Principals' contest criteria, is a nationwide competition that gives students in grades 6, 7 and 8 the opportunity to write essays expressing their views on democracy. The winning entry from VFW Post 51 for 2011-2012 essay transcript is below:

Patriot's Pen
2011-2012 Theme:
"Patriot Pen Theme 2011-2012"
By Student, Grade 7
Some School, Spokane

What is a patriot? A patriot is someone who loves and supports his country. I am an American patriot. I love America and all it fights for. Since I love my country and I want to keep it as it is, I support it and keep it clean.
One Saturday morning my brother was playing Medal of Honor, a war game. I asked him, "How can you stand to play such a violent and awful game?" He simply replied, "It was only something that soldiers are going through now and what veterans went through." I never thought of it that way. Just then I realized I was taking our freedom for granted. If the soldiers and veterans hadn't fought, would I be here today? Would I be able to walk the streets alone? Would I have been allowed to receive an education? These are questions American patriots should ask themselves.
There are several things I have done and will continue doing to help our country and its people grow more prosperous. I have participated in community refuse clean-ups, donated to charity, volunteer work, and every Christmas my family participates in delivering gifts and Christmas dinners to less fortunate people. There are so many opportunities for everyone to help our country. You can participate by volunteering in a veteran's hospital, in homeless shelters, or volunteer to help towns that have been struck by natural disasters. If you disagree with the government laws and would like to voice your opinion, you can write to the government suggesting ways to change them.
United States of America is a great country. This country will always be my home. I love America because it is the land of the free. There is almost no other country that will let you be any religion you want, except for America. As long as you are in the U.S. you can be any religion you choose.
I know that I'm lucky to have such a great place to live, and never will I take it for granted. I thank all those who fought for us and who are still fighting. You are my inspiration to be brave and remain patriotic. "The land of the free and the home of the brave." Those eleven words ring true in describing America. I am an American patriot, are you?

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